Communication Tools: Birth Preferences for your Birth Plan

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Your needs in birth are as individual as you are.

Your experience of labour and birth should be exactly that – YOURS. Every birth is unique and each woman will approach childbirth in her own way. It is important that you have the information you need to decide what is right for you and your baby, and that your experience of labour and birth reflects these wants and wishes. Continue reading


First time mother has a vaginal breech birth

From week 32 my pregnancy started to be a rollercoaster. I was on a business trip in Germany where a guy pushed me against a pole in a dart because it was so full and he wanted to get out. Immediately after the push drops where running down my legs and I was scared it could be my waters. But it stopped when I came to the hotel and so I thought it might have been sweat or urine. This business trip was so exhausting for me and so stressful. I had to carry my bags because the airport there had no elevator and there was nobody there to help me and I almost missed my connection flight that I had to run with two bags. It was a whole nightmare. Continue reading