Part 2: Our Birthing Journey Life & Death…finally Joy – Fighting for respect; My right to choose how and where I birth my baby.

On Monday, 42 weeks shared a birth story of a VBAC mum who was able to negotiate DOMINO care with a midwife in an Irish maternity unit. Her story is a must-read and is very popular. This second story, from the same woman, explains their birth journey and how they were able to negotiate the DOMINO care option.

Our Birthing Journey
Life & Death
…finally Joy

Fighting for respect;
My right to choose how and where I birth my baby. Continue reading


Part 1: A VBAC mum negotiates one-to-one continuity of care with a DOMINO midwife for her hospital birth

A succession of events in my previous pregnancies and births, led me to realise the importance of continuity of care. I entered into my 6th pregnancy (4th birth) with much hindsight and was extremely determined to give this birth the best I could offer. My belief is birth is a special event. Our bodies and babies have a profound instinctual ability to orchestrate a cycle of events that gives rise to new life in the world. To enhance and protect this wonderful cycle of events, it was essential I create a support team (ie husband, midwife, doctor) and establish a positive natural birthing environment.  I had total trust in my body and baby (much credit to Ina May Gaskin’s books), it was my support network and environment that required planning. Continue reading

A gentle VBAC water birth at home

It was 2am on Tuesday morning, 5th March, and I woke up to cramps. They were very manageable, really just felt like period cramps. After timing them for about 40 minutes, it seemed they were 10 minutes apart. Shortly after that my 4 year-old little monkey woke up and wasn’t feeling the best, so I took him down to his Daddy to mind and got back to bed to rest and keep an eye on the cramps. I wasn’t due until the 8th March, so I still thought that it might have been just Braxton Hicks. Anyways at 6am, they were still going and so I knew I was on my way. I pottered downstairs and turned on the immersion so the water would be ready when it was time to fill the pool. I didn’t want to disturb anyone at this stage as I felt it was too early yet. But by 6.30, they had moved to 4/5 minutes apart so I gave my midwife a buzz and she was on her way. Next phone call was to my sister who we had asked to look after the kids. Continue reading

Women’s Views: My Journey Towards a VBA2C in Ireland!

Back to the start…2008 I had my first child born by emergency Caesarean, something that I struggled with as it was happening and unfortunately I was one of the many women who didn’t think it would happen to them! I had had a healthy pregnancy, attended a hypno-birthing course and was pretty confident I’d have the birth I had imagined. As a first time mum and at the end of my pregnancy I just wanted to ensure delivery of a happy baby so I never questioned the doctor’s reasons for Caesarean. Knowing what I know now I feel that this birth has a high chance of ending in Caesarean anyway but my baby’s apgar scores show he wasn’t in as much distress as thought. Continue reading

A vaginal birth after Caesarean section (VBAC) for a fourth time mum

After the birth of our third son, via emergency section, the thoughts of another baby were somewhat daunting. But a sunny, summer day 20 months later saw me looking at a positive pregnancy test. I knew my body could handle another pregnancy and birth but my concern was how my caregivers would “handle” me. I was surprised, therefore, when midwives at an antenatal appointment agreed that a vaginal birth after Caesarean (VBAC) was the best decision. Things were looking very positive indeed and I geared myself up for a natural birth. Continue reading