The Long Awaited Arrival of Our Little Boy – a home birth for a third time mum

I had been planning a homebirth for our third child. In order to do so, I needed to get to 37 weeks. This might seem like no problem to most people, but my babies tend to show up right around that mark. Continue reading


A first homebirth for a third time mum

Our third pregnancy surprised us.  My youngest was only 10 months and was still breastfeeding.  We had always planned a third child, and were ecstatic.  From the start I was considering making this our first home birth. Our first birth in February 2010 took place in the consultant-led unit of Our Lady of Lourdes.  It was an induction at 42 weeks, and I had found it quite tough.  We felt railroaded into purple pushing, assuming the doctor’s preferred position (on my back) and then ended up with episiotomy and ventouse.  We were quite shocked for days after that birth, as we had spent the pregnancy preparing for birth in the MLU and using GentleBirth techniques.  Our second birth was in December 2011 in the MLU in Cavan.  A very different story – I awoke a little after 1:30am thinking I might be feeling something.  Arrived at the MLU fully dilated at 3:30am and baby was in my arms by 4am. Continue reading

A back labour birth for a third time mum in Holles St under consultant-led care

My third baby was due on Christmas Eve, so although I was excited, I was nervous too – afraid that the hospital would be under-staffed over the holidays, and anxious about being away from my two daughters for Christmas. I had resisted suggestions of induction during my first two pregnancies, and was not keen to go down this route for my third, though I did wonder if the risk of understaffing was enough to warrent looking for an induction. I checked with my sister who is a doctor and she looked into it for me – she came back to say that the maternity hospital wouldn’t be at all understaffed and in fact it could be a good time to go in, as there would be no planned C-sections or inductions scheduled for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Continue reading

A gentle VBAC water birth at home

It was 2am on Tuesday morning, 5th March, and I woke up to cramps. They were very manageable, really just felt like period cramps. After timing them for about 40 minutes, it seemed they were 10 minutes apart. Shortly after that my 4 year-old little monkey woke up and wasn’t feeling the best, so I took him down to his Daddy to mind and got back to bed to rest and keep an eye on the cramps. I wasn’t due until the 8th March, so I still thought that it might have been just Braxton Hicks. Anyways at 6am, they were still going and so I knew I was on my way. I pottered downstairs and turned on the immersion so the water would be ready when it was time to fill the pool. I didn’t want to disturb anyone at this stage as I felt it was too early yet. But by 6.30, they had moved to 4/5 minutes apart so I gave my midwife a buzz and she was on her way. Next phone call was to my sister who we had asked to look after the kids. Continue reading

In Pictures: A third time mother’s water birth at home

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Third time mum, fast natural birth

My third pregnancy was very much a surprise. It did not start in the best way! I was breastfeeding and vividly recall taking the first response test while holding my 6 month old PRAYING it would be negative. I nearly dropped him when the second line came up. I was in denial… only after the 5th test with varying shades of lines and symbols screaming PREGNANT did I actually look at my husband and conclude that I was very much indeed pregnant. My first words were “what are we going to do” Continue reading

Third baby but first Caesarean due to transverse baby

I never imagined I would ever have a C-section, but when my baby was transverse at 38 weeks things changed in an instant.

At first I was really sad, I was worried that I would miss the excitement of preparing for labour, watching out for signs, wondering will today be the day…. I also worried about what it would be like to have major surgery and care for my other kids afterwards.

I worried about me! Would it hurt? How would I manage? Would I be able to breastfeed?

I worried about my baby! Would he be ok born before he was ready to come out? Continue reading