Thank you to Shona the midwife


Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I delivered my baby girl Ellie Saturday 22nd of June 2013 at 4.31 pm. I had a tough but quick labour. I was 12 days overdue, tired, emotional and terrified of another induction. My last experience was far from positive or even a happy time, you kept me focused and in control when I thought I’d lost it. You helped me breastfeed, didn’t make me feel like you were in a rush. Even when another midwife was trying to get me out of delivery suite you told her no. You took me to my ward gave me a hug and kiss. It meant so much. We had been so anxious and scared of returning to hospital again you changed all of that for us. Thank you so much Shona.


Thank You Letter to a Midwife in Our Lady of Lourdes


“I had a very emotional pregnancy and was quite anxious coming up to my baby’s birth. I had transferred my care to Dublin, rather than our local unit. It was the winter of very wintery weather, and the snow added to the worries and stresses as I was booked into a unit over an hour away. On the morning of Dec 20th, my labour started and we quickly knew we would not make Dublin. I was quite upset over this. We made our way in the snow and ice to the hospital. I was admitted at 9cm dilated and in transition. I was finding it quite tough due to an injury in the coccyx and the midwife I had was not sympathetic to this nor my needs. She wanted me on the bed, with CTG on continuously, and to push despite not having an urge. My contractions started to space out and I had a thick anterior lip on the cervix that wasn’t coming away. The midwife wanted to use oxytocin. I felt like everything was spiraling out of control and no one was listening to me – I wanted to stand, get off the bed, no CTG. (there was no reason for CTG, just midwife more comfortable with it as I was a transfer). I become more and more upset and the contractions got more and more spaced…… following a tense conversation (refusing oxytocin and my partner & I getting quite upset).

A new midwife took over named Emer. She was immediately a relief. She was calm and understanding and supportive. She recognised how anxious I was being there. She listened to my preferences. I was still 9cm dilated and with every contraction had a gush of waters. I had no urge to push. Emer told me I had a thick anterior lip on the cervix and that had to come away before I could have my baby. I remained standing by the bed. Emer brought in a birth ball, massage tools for my back, and a cd player so I could listen to music. She occasionally would take the baby’s heartrate intermittently as I stood and swayed. She would assure me all was well and let me get on with it. She was a quiet and calm force in the background, never imposing. Just what I needed.

After about a 1/2 hr of standing, my contractions started picking back up again. The waters kept gushing. At this stage I was in transition about 2 hrs! Suddenly, I had a few strong contractions, felt another little gush and felt the baby slip down. Emer asked me if I wanted to stay standing for the birth – I did. She got down on her knees and her gentle voice reminded me to open my legs for my baby. I started bearing down and after a few pushes my baby girl was born as I stood by the bed. I had no tears or need for stitches.

My entire labour was 3hrs – I was 2hrs in the hospital. When I think that oxytocin was prescribed…. Emer, was amazing. Her support was so vital. She believed in me, gave me time, and supported my choices. I would have had a very different experience had she not been my midwife and I am so thankful for her.”

Thank You Letter to the Holles Street community midwives


I have found it very hard to put into words the gratitude and love that I feel for the midwife who took care of us the day my son was born.

She was the midwife I needed – and my husband needed – that day. We had both taken an instant fondness to her on our first antenatal appointment with her and we were delighted that she was the midwife on call when I went into labour. Continue reading

Thank You Letter to a Midwife in Rotunda


“My letter of thanks is to a midwife in the Rotunda. I was a first time mum who was admitted in labour very early. I had a long latent phase with an OP baby. The wards were really crowded and there was no delivery suite available so I was on an ante-natal ward, which was miserable. I felt I was losing control quite quickly trying to find space for myself and privacy to labour. I felt so exposed. In the afternoon a new midwife came on. She was foreign, I am pretty sure German! For the life of me I cannot remember her name but her face is etched in my memory forever! She was amazing.

She took me out of the ante-natal ward and brought me into the bath. I laboured in the bath for hours in privacy with this midwife checking in on me. Once out of the bath, she brought me into a room which had been closed off rather than back to the ante-natal ward. I stayed there hidden away in the dark to labour in peace until it was time to go to the delivery ward. Once in the delivery, I was nearly there, baby had turned, and I had a quick vaginal birth with no intervention and only the smallest of tears. That was 10 years ago and I am so thankful to her and the kindness she showed me. Her patience and knowledge of normal birth – to give me the space and time to labour as I needed – it was so important and I am sure made a huge impact on the birth that I had. Thank you, thank you! I will never forget you!”

Thank You Letter to SECM Philomena


“My last birth at home with SECM Philomena was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and so much of that was down to the care I received from Philomena. Philomena was strong, reliable, and always put me as the focus. She has such a silent strength about her, I felt so at ease with her in my care. I always felt that no matter what happened, Philomena would stand up for me and my beliefs. She would not lie to me and would be up front with me on my options, care, health, my baby’s health…..and yet under all that strength, she has the softest centre! She knew my darkest worries and every desire for my pregnancy, labour, birth. In the 45 weeks that she was our midwife, I felt so cared for, looked after. Philomena became a part of the family. My children still ask for her. We miss her visits!”

Thank You Letter to midwife in Holles Street


I laboured for a few hours at home and only went into Holles Street when I couldn’t even talk to my partner anymore. He insisted on getting me to the hospital when he couldn’t get coherent conversation out of me. In Admissions at the hospital, I couldn’t even answer basic questions, such as “is that your correct address?” I was swiftly taken by wheelchair up to Labour and Delivery and brought into a delivery room. The midwife who attended me was brilliant. Her name was Heather and she was the only person in the room besides me and my partner. She was a fountain of calm and quietness! She allowed me to push my baby out at my own pace and he was born in just over 10 minutes.

I am convinced that her lack of interference and her strong supportive presence made birth even more of a joy for our new little family. When it came time to deliver the placenta, I requested that I be given time to do this without any medication. She was absolutely supportive and I delivered the placenta easily and effortlessly within 20 minutes. I can’t thank Heather enough for her respect for my wishes in childbirth, for being totally ‘hands-off’ and for being a significant support in the birth of my first child. Maybe she will read this and know what a difference she made to our experience in hospital? If you do ever get a chance to read this, Heather (midwife in Holles Street in October 2008), please know that you had an enormous impact on my positive birth experience.

B. Western