Third time mum, fast natural birth

My third pregnancy was very much a surprise. It did not start in the best way! I was breastfeeding and vividly recall taking the first response test while holding my 6 month old PRAYING it would be negative. I nearly dropped him when the second line came up. I was in denial… only after the 5th test with varying shades of lines and symbols screaming PREGNANT did I actually look at my husband and conclude that I was very much indeed pregnant. My first words were “what are we going to do” Continue reading


A fifth time mum and her first homebirth


Our homebirth journey has been a long and messy one. I had hoped for a homebirth since my third pregnancy, but something always seemed to get in the way. After the birth of our fourth child, our family complete, I had resigned myself to the idea that I would never give birth at home. I held great sadness over this; that I would never give birth the way I knew was possible, the way I felt most comfortable. Continue reading