Part 2: Following a first positive birth with epidural, second time mum decides to birth without pain medications

I suffer from an anxiety disorder and had my first birth with an epidural as I found labour increased my anxiety levels. It was a really positive experience and I had a good birth with no help or complications. Continue reading


Part 1: First Time Mum has a positive vaginal birth with epidural in Dublin

I always liked the idea of giving birth without pain medication and when I became pregnant with my first baba I decided that I would like to avoid the epidural if possible, but that if I felt I needed it, I would have it. I wanted to avoid the epidural as I have anxiety issues. I get incredibly anxious if I feel trapped or confined. I was already feeling very anxious about being in labour in hospital – the feeling like I couldn’t walk away and leave if I wanted to. That I wouldn’t have fresh air, or privacy; things that often help me when I start panicking. I was worried an epidural would make these feelings worse. Continue reading

10 Tips for Preparing for a Positive and Healthy Birth


Your experience of labour and birth should be just that — yours. Every birth is unique as each woman will approach childbirth in her own way. It is important that you have the information you need to decide what is right for you and your baby, and that your experience of labour and birth reflects these wants and wishes. Knowing all your care options and your rights, asking questions and, ultimately, finding a supportive care team, you can combine the ingredients for a healthy and a positive birth experience. Continue reading