The Mysterious Placenta and the Third Stage of Labour

Did you know, the placenta has always been thought of as a mysterious and powerful organ? 

31st century BC

Narmer Palette 31st century BC – the small attendant on the far right carries the placenta of the Pharaoh, thought to be his ‘soul’ or ‘external helper’

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A second time mum’s birth in a midwife-led unit (MLU)

On 14th December I woke up in the worst mood ever of my whole pregnancy I would say! I was almost a week over at this stage. Looking at being transferred out of Cavan MLU in 5 more days, and no sign of anything much. I’d gone about 17 days over on my first pregnancy and was feeling very down that I might be looking at the same again. I’d had a sweep the day before and had been having a bit of a show since then, but this had also happened on DD1 and it developed into nothing. Continue reading