A Thank You Letter: To Aja Teehan

When the proposed suggested criteria in the Nurses and Midwives Bill first started filtering down I immediately knew this would change everything. The implications were huge. If this Bill passed, it would mean that women would no longer be able to make the final decision of where we birth – this right was to be passed to the HSE and insurance companies.

How can someone else, who doesn’t know me, my pregnancy, my history, make this decision for ME? How can anyone else decide where I am safest birthing my baby? Who has the right to decide if I go to hospital, or an MLU, or stay home – to be attended by a midwife or an obstetrician? Who’s choice is it to decide if I use an epidural, or a birth pool, or nothing at all? These are my decisions to make, for the best interest of myself and my baby. I know us best. I care about our best interest more than the HSE, TDs, or insurance companies. I am an intelligent, strong, reasonable, grown woman. Trust me. I want myself and my baby to be healthy. I want us to be safe. I can make these decisions. These are my decisions, not anyone else’s. I will make the best decision for us. Continue reading