Part 1: A VBAC mum negotiates one-to-one continuity of care with a DOMINO midwife for her hospital birth

A succession of events in my previous pregnancies and births, led me to realise the importance of continuity of care. I entered into my 6th pregnancy (4th birth) with much hindsight and was extremely determined to give this birth the best I could offer. My belief is birth is a special event. Our bodies and babies have a profound instinctual ability to orchestrate a cycle of events that gives rise to new life in the world. To enhance and protect this wonderful cycle of events, it was essential I create a support team (ie husband, midwife, doctor) and establish a positive natural birthing environment.  I had total trust in my body and baby (much credit to Ina May Gaskin’s books), it was my support network and environment that required planning. Continue reading


Baby #4 and a first homebirth

I guess I should start this by saying I had two wishes for this, my fourth baby’s birth:

  1. that I wouldn’t be an angry labouring woman or lose control; and
  2. that we would all (my husband, me and four kids) be in our own beds after the birth.

I’d prepared using the Gentlebirth CDs and this was our first homebirth.

I was six days past term and had been having shows all week. I was also hiding big time at school pickups. I felt like everyone was watching me, even though I’m sure they had more to be thinking about! Continue reading

A vaginal birth after Caesarean section (VBAC) for a fourth time mum

After the birth of our third son, via emergency section, the thoughts of another baby were somewhat daunting. But a sunny, summer day 20 months later saw me looking at a positive pregnancy test. I knew my body could handle another pregnancy and birth but my concern was how my caregivers would “handle” me. I was surprised, therefore, when midwives at an antenatal appointment agreed that a vaginal birth after Caesarean (VBAC) was the best decision. Things were looking very positive indeed and I geared myself up for a natural birth. Continue reading