First time mum has planned C-section due to placenta previa

Luckily for me, I live in Cork so had no problem accessing the home birth scheme. I had always known I would want a home birth, having little faith in hospital based care and fully trusting in the birthing process. I was looking forward to the birth and had had an uncomplicated pregnancy. Continue reading


Communication Tools: Birth Preferences for your Birth Plan

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Your needs in birth are as individual as you are.

Your experience of labour and birth should be exactly that – YOURS. Every birth is unique and each woman will approach childbirth in her own way. It is important that you have the information you need to decide what is right for you and your baby, and that your experience of labour and birth reflects these wants and wishes. Continue reading

Second baby for mum who requested Caesarean following previous vaginal birth

I am not sure how exactly to tell my story. I suppose it begins with the birth of my first daughter five years ago…which was a positive experience but left me really damaged. I was induced by having my waters broken, things were going really well, I had my epidural and was fully dilated in 5 hours. I started pushing and after about 40 minutes the head started to come. I am not sure what happened but I tore really really badly. My daughter was born and I was taken to the theatre to get fixed up. I had quite severe injury. Continue reading

Third baby but first Caesarean due to transverse baby

I never imagined I would ever have a C-section, but when my baby was transverse at 38 weeks things changed in an instant.

At first I was really sad, I was worried that I would miss the excitement of preparing for labour, watching out for signs, wondering will today be the day…. I also worried about what it would be like to have major surgery and care for my other kids afterwards.

I worried about me! Would it hurt? How would I manage? Would I be able to breastfeed?

I worried about my baby! Would he be ok born before he was ready to come out? Continue reading