A second time mum’s positive birth – in her car outside the Coombe

On 29th November at 38+6, I went for my weekly reflexology appointment. During the session I could feel the baby really moving around. That night as my husband put our daughter to bed and I was preparing dinner, I had a real sense that it was our ‘last supper’. I’d a lovely relaxing night and a bath before bed. At about 4am on 30th November – I was 39 weeks – I woke with pains, they were about 10 minutes apart and very intense, much more so than when my labour started with my daughter. Continue reading


A natural active birth for a second time mother

On my first, I wanted to do it without pain relief, but I didn’t prepared, and when I was induced, I felt like my body had failed me. When I asked for pethidine and then the epidural I continued to feel like I had failed somehow. Although I escaped without episiotomy or section, I didn’t feel like I had any control – it was something that was happening to me, not something I was actively taking part in. So I wanted to do things differently this time around. Continue reading

A third time mum delivers outside the security hut in The Coombe

I gave birth to my daughter Orlagh on 18th June at 11:24pm just outside the security hut at The Coombe Hospital. By the time the midwives arrived out to us I was sitting on the ground cradling her in my arms proclaiming “it’s a girl’! In lots and lots of ways the birth was everything I had hoped for; natural, free of any interventions, and incredibly empowering, not least because I did it myself. I actually delivered my own baby and was the first person to touch and hold her. To me that is precious. She’s my third child and I did more preparation for her birth than I did for the previous two. In addition to pregnancy yoga I downloaded the GentleBirth hospital birth CD and listened to it quite a bit towards the end of the pregnancy, in particular the positive affirmations and the third stage of labour tracks. Continue reading

A second time mum’s birth in a midwife-led unit (MLU)

On 14th December I woke up in the worst mood ever of my whole pregnancy I would say! I was almost a week over at this stage. Looking at being transferred out of Cavan MLU in 5 more days, and no sign of anything much. I’d gone about 17 days over on my first pregnancy and was feeling very down that I might be looking at the same again. I’d had a sweep the day before and had been having a bit of a show since then, but this had also happened on DD1 and it developed into nothing. Continue reading