A first homebirth for a third time mum

Our third pregnancy surprised us.  My youngest was only 10 months and was still breastfeeding.  We had always planned a third child, and were ecstatic.  From the start I was considering making this our first home birth. Our first birth in February 2010 took place in the consultant-led unit of Our Lady of Lourdes.  It was an induction at 42 weeks, and I had found it quite tough.  We felt railroaded into purple pushing, assuming the doctor’s preferred position (on my back) and then ended up with episiotomy and ventouse.  We were quite shocked for days after that birth, as we had spent the pregnancy preparing for birth in the MLU and using GentleBirth techniques.  Our second birth was in December 2011 in the MLU in Cavan.  A very different story – I awoke a little after 1:30am thinking I might be feeling something.  Arrived at the MLU fully dilated at 3:30am and baby was in my arms by 4am. Continue reading


A second time mum’s birth in a midwife-led unit (MLU)

On 14th December I woke up in the worst mood ever of my whole pregnancy I would say! I was almost a week over at this stage. Looking at being transferred out of Cavan MLU in 5 more days, and no sign of anything much. I’d gone about 17 days over on my first pregnancy and was feeling very down that I might be looking at the same again. I’d had a sweep the day before and had been having a bit of a show since then, but this had also happened on DD1 and it developed into nothing. Continue reading