Ten things every mum-to-be should know about C-sections

Lucy O’Connor is a mum of three who has given birth to all three of her children by C-section.  She blogs at http://www.learnermama.com/ and has recently set up the Facebook Group “Irish C-section mammies“. She shares with us ten things every mother-to-be should know about C-sections. Continue reading


Second baby for mum who requested Caesarean following previous vaginal birth

I am not sure how exactly to tell my story. I suppose it begins with the birth of my first daughter five years ago…which was a positive experience but left me really damaged. I was induced by having my waters broken, things were going really well, I had my epidural and was fully dilated in 5 hours. I started pushing and after about 40 minutes the head started to come. I am not sure what happened but I tore really really badly. My daughter was born and I was taken to the theatre to get fixed up. I had quite severe injury. Continue reading

Pages from the sketchbook of an expectant mother waiting for her new arrival

“A few days before our little man was born I ended up in hospital with a rotten infection. I spent the days in isolation. These were drawings I did the night before our little man was born…these were painted as an affirmation or a prayer that our baby would just come out safely. By that time, the night before he was born, I was very worried something was wrong with him because I had been so sick.” Continue reading

First time mother has a vaginal breech birth

From week 32 my pregnancy started to be a rollercoaster. I was on a business trip in Germany where a guy pushed me against a pole in a dart because it was so full and he wanted to get out. Immediately after the push drops where running down my legs and I was scared it could be my waters. But it stopped when I came to the hotel and so I thought it might have been sweat or urine. This business trip was so exhausting for me and so stressful. I had to carry my bags because the airport there had no elevator and there was nobody there to help me and I almost missed my connection flight that I had to run with two bags. It was a whole nightmare. Continue reading

Third baby but first Caesarean due to transverse baby

I never imagined I would ever have a C-section, but when my baby was transverse at 38 weeks things changed in an instant.

At first I was really sad, I was worried that I would miss the excitement of preparing for labour, watching out for signs, wondering will today be the day…. I also worried about what it would be like to have major surgery and care for my other kids afterwards.

I worried about me! Would it hurt? How would I manage? Would I be able to breastfeed?

I worried about my baby! Would he be ok born before he was ready to come out? Continue reading