Part 1: First Time Mum has a positive vaginal birth with epidural in Dublin

I always liked the idea of giving birth without pain medication and when I became pregnant with my first baba I decided that I would like to avoid the epidural if possible, but that if I felt I needed it, I would have it. I wanted to avoid the epidural as I have anxiety issues. I get incredibly anxious if I feel trapped or confined. I was already feeling very anxious about being in labour in hospital – the feeling like I couldn’t walk away and leave if I wanted to. That I wouldn’t have fresh air, or privacy; things that often help me when I start panicking. I was worried an epidural would make these feelings worse. Continue reading


Shaping up for labour

What can a leaping frog, a downward dog or a cat’s pose offer an expectant mum? Quite a lot really, writes yoga teacher and mother Claire Maguire.

AIMS IRELAND 42 weeks campaign  model: Lisa Downing, Co. Dublin photographer: Angela Martin/Redboots photography & design

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