First time mum’s natural birth in the Rotunda

It was my wedding anniversary and we’d been spending the past few weeks mad busy doing a lot of painting in our new house. We had 2 weeks to go til my due date so we were both fairly relaxed as we’d heard first babies are usually overdue. So that day we took off and had a lovely big meal with his family and then more pasta later on…I had a big appetite all of a sudden. Just as well really as my waters broke at around 10pm that night. I rang the Rotunda who said just to head in as a precaution to see if waters clear and check me. I was letting out so much waters my tracksuit was soaked so I don’t think there was any doubt about the fact that it was really my waters breaking! Continue reading


Birth Preferences Template

My Labour, Birth and Postpartum Preferences: Getting to know me and my family

This form gives you a chance to describe your preferences, values and concerns for your labour, birth and postpartum experience to the people who will be caring for you during your hospital stay. It may also remind you of your own wishes for your childbirth experience.

Your choices and preferences are important. However, being flexible and open to changes is also important since no one knows how your labour will progress. Unplanned events may change the care you need. Language like, “If possible…,” “unless medically necessary…,” “I prefer…,” tells the staff that you know that a change in plans is sometimes needed. Continue reading