Ultrasound Scans Part 1: How can a scan help you and your baby?

Our 42 weeks campaign is now reaching its gestational midpoint and as with any pregnancy it’s time to consider ultrasound scans. Some women will have been offered or may have requested earlier scans to either date the pregnancy or to investigate the chances of Down syndrome, but for most pregnant women the developmental or anomaly ultrasound scan at between 18 and 22 weeks is seen as the main scan.

For some women in Ireland this will be the only scan they have. For many public patients living outside Dublin  they will not be offered this scan routinely, but may be able to avail of it by paying for it privately. It is unequal and unfair and we hope that in time this will change so that all pregnant people will have routine access should they choose to.

We’re going to take a look at ultrasound scans over three parts that will examine why mothers are offered scans, what the benefit of scans are, the safety of scans and what the implications of scans are for the rest of their pregnancy and labour. In this first part, we’ll talk about how an ultrasound scan can help you and your baby. The second part will cover the types of scans available and finally, we’ll look at questions to consider when it comes to ultrasound scans. Continue reading