Induction of Labour – Is It Right For You?

When making decisions on maternity care options, a woman is faced with a plethora of possibilities. From the time a woman discovers she is pregnant, the choices can sometimes feel like more of a burden than an opportunity, as it can take serious time and effort to study all the risks and benefits to every option in maternity care. Research shows that women who are informed and confident about their birth choices tend to have fewer interventions and fewer complications compared to women who have done little to no preparation for their birth. At 42 weeks, we are trying to take the effort out of the task of researching and to present concise and thorough guides to some of the more frequently asked questions about common maternity care options in pregnancy, labour and childbirth. Today, 42 weeks looks at: Induction. Continue reading


“No Thank You” – A Guide to Informed Decision Making

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A vaginal birth after Caesarean section (VBAC) for a fourth time mum

After the birth of our third son, via emergency section, the thoughts of another baby were somewhat daunting. But a sunny, summer day 20 months later saw me looking at a positive pregnancy test. I knew my body could handle another pregnancy and birth but my concern was how my caregivers would “handle” me. I was surprised, therefore, when midwives at an antenatal appointment agreed that a vaginal birth after Caesarean (VBAC) was the best decision. Things were looking very positive indeed and I geared myself up for a natural birth. Continue reading

First time mum’s positive birth with community midwives in a hospital scheme

It is a little hard to know where to begin with the birth story and how much to share. One thing I’ve learned since having Nate is that sharing experiences with other women is a very powerful tool. In the hours before Nate’s birth, I read several birth stories that gave me the courage and strength I needed to endure the labour. Continue reading