Have Your Say in our What Matters To YOU Survey

We are delighted to announce the launch of our 2014 What Matters to YOU survey, an online survey evaluating women’s experiences and choices of birth in Ireland.

As users of the maternity services in Ireland it’s so important that we hear what you have to say, both the good and the bad. We hope to paint a picture of what maternity services in Ireland look like for the families using them and to make sure that your voice is heard. Continue reading


Exercise and Activity after Childbirth Survey: Research Participation

Today, 42 weeks brings to you a research participation opportunity from the Trinity College School of Nursing and Midwifery. This survey is for women over 18 who have given birth in the last 6 months to 3 years.

IMPORTANT – This is a two part survey:

Part 1 to be filled in between Wednesday, September 25th – Wednesday October 2nd

Part 2 to be filled in between Wednesday October 2nd – Wednesday October 9th (about a week from when you filled in the first part of the survey).

Please read the information below and if you would like to participate, and can commit to taking both parts of the survey a week apart, then follow the online link below. The survey should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

Thank you!!

Information about the Exercise and Activity after Childbirth Survey

Who We Are and the Study Aims:

We are a team of researchers from the School of Nursing and Midwifery in Trinity College Dublin who have designed a survey on women returning to Exercise and Activity after Childbirth. The aim of the Exercise and Activity after Childbirth survey is to help us understand if leaking urine impacts women’s ability to exercise or the type of exercise they do after childbirth.

Why are you filling in this survey?
We want to find out:

– whether you have in the past or currently leak urine

– the frequency and the amount of urinary leakage

– the type, frequency and amount of exercise performed

– the level of confidence and sense of security with sports clothing worn during exercise

Who else is taking part in piloting this survey?

We have invited women, aged 18 and over, with a child/children aged 6 months to 3yrs who have returned to exercise after childbirth and may be interested in filling in the pilot of this survey. All of the women must be able to read and understand English.


Taking part in the pilot involves completing two questionnaires one to two weeks apart. If you decide to participate, your return of each survey means that you have consented to participate.

It does not matter if your responses on exercise, frequency and amounts have changed in the week between completing the surveys. We are simply seeking that you fill the survey out twice so we can gauge if you have noted any change in your pattern of exercise. We also wish to understand whether the questions asked in the survey are appropriate.

If you chose to take part we will ask you to fill in:

Survey 1 at your earliest convenience if you agree to participate.
Survey 2 one week after you have completed Survey 1.

Each survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. There are no right or wrong answers within each survey. Remember, you are under no obligation to participate at any stage if you do not wish to do so.


Although there may be no benefits to you directly, it is hoped that the knowledge generated from this survey will help us to better understand some of the health problems that women experience when returning to exercise after child birth.


There is no foreseeable risk to you taking part in this survey. If you choose at any time to not take part in survey you are free to do so.


At all times your identity will be protected. Nobody shall be informed that you participated in completing this survey. Information that may identify you will not be used in any paper or presentation resulting from the survey. If you wish to talk to anybody about the survey you are free to do so.

How will you protect my personal information?

– We will keep all the information you give us private and confidential.

– We will give your survey information a unique number (a code).

– We will store your personal details and your code number securely and separately from the completed surveys. They will be kept in a locked cabinet, in a locked office in an area where few people have access. Paper copies of the information you give on the surveys will be identified by your code.

– We will keep an electronic version of the information you give us on a computer. Only the research team will have access to this information. We will use passwords, encryption (special software to scramble the information so it cannot be read) and anti-virus software to protect the information on the computer.

What happens to the information at the end of the study?

We may publish the findings from the survey and may give talks about the findings at healthcare conferences. It will not be possible to identify you or your answers in these publications or talks.

Voluntary Participation:

You are under no obligation to participate in this survey. If you wish to stop participating at any time you are free to do so. You will not be asked for an explanation of your decision and you will not be penalised in anyway.

What do I do next?

Having read the information, decide if you would like to take part in filling out this survey.

If you want to participate, please complete this survey online (link below) when you have a free moment.

You must then fill out the same survey, one week after you have completed the first survey. It does not matter if your responses on exercise, frequency and amounts have changed within the past week. We are simply seeking that you fill the survey out twice so we can gauge if you have noted any change in your pattern of exercise.

If you do not have internet access or cannot fill this survey in online we will post you a FREEPOST RETURN survey pack for you to fill out. (Please contact Marie O’Shea (details below) if you wish to complete a paper version of this survey. We can then post one to the address you provide)

Further Information:

If you need any further information or if anything in this document is unclear, please contact Marie O’Shea at either 01 896 4166 or osheam8@tcd.ie and she will be happy to discuss any of this information with you.

To take the Survey, click here: : https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/XK6MW6K

42 Weeks Poll – Epidural: Your Story

The birth stories last week described one woman’s experience of choosing an epidural for her first birth and then opting not to have an epidural for her second birth. We’re interested to hear if you opted for an epidural, or not and we’re interested to know whether you plan to opt for one during your labour, or not. Continue reading

Participate in the MAMMI Study

The MAMMI Study is a study looking at the health and health problems of women during pregnancy and during the first year after the birth of their first baby.

Many women experience motherhood in excellent physical health and enjoy the emotional fulfillment that it brings. Other mothers experience health problems, sometimes caused by pregnancy or an event that happens during or after the baby’s birth. Continue reading

Research Participation: ‘An Exploration into the unmet demand for home birth in Ireland’.

Eileen Kenny a third year midwifery student in TCD has won a Health Research Board summer student project award. She has devised a questionnaire for women who wanted, but were unable to get, a home birth. It is a thirty question online survey asking where when and why women have been unable to access a planned home birth. Eileen and her supervisor and co researcher would be delighted if any woman who has experienced this to participate by completing an online survey. It is aimed at women who delivered in the past five years – or who are still expecting. Continue reading