A first time mother shares her breastfeeding journey


kellie 42 weeks1

Since before I was pregnant, I knew that when/if I had a baby I was going to breastfeed him or her. From a young age (maybe 14) I had seen my cousin’s wife, (who is Canadian, breastfeed her children. I had only ever known a baby to be bottle fed. At that time in Ireland it was very unusual for a mother to be breastfeeding, particularly in public and or for longer than 6 weeks. I spent a lot of time with my cousin and his family and I learned so much from them.  I was also at that stage in my teenager years, that if the majority of society thought this was odd, I thought it was awesome. As time went on, I trained as a nurse and learned even more about the many benefits of breastfeeding for mother and baby, and it was then I questioned why would I give formula when I can give my baby this magic stuff (it really is magic). Unfortunately the birth of my daughter was very traumatic for me. I was determined to breastfeed, I  was adamant I wouldn’t be robbed of that experience as well. I have found the art of breastfeeding to be very healing after the birth trauma.

Words just can’t explain the connection between a mother and child when breastfeeding. Having those beautiful big blue eyes staring at you lovingly and the deep sense of pride you feel as you watch them thrive solely on your breast milk. It’s just amazing. I only intended on breastfeeding my little girl for the first 6 months of her life. I remember being at a breastfeeding support group in the early days and saying to another mother “yeah, that breastfeeding a toddler thing just isn’t my cup of tea” and here we are now at 14 months still reaping the benefits of breastfeeding.

kellie 42 weeks2

Who knows when our journey will end, not anytime soon I hope. I think I will leave that up to her.


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