A long road to an amazing little miracle

A little bit of background, this was our 4th pregnancy, 1st pregnancy loss was at 18 weeks and it was a partial molar pregnancy requiring an ERPC (evacuation of retained products of conception) in January 2011, followed by an early miscarriage at 5.5 weeks in October 2011 and then another early miscarriage at 7 weeks in March 2012.

I attended a recurring miscarriage clinic and had every test done including genetics and all came back clear with being told just bad luck! We were told that if we did not conceive again within 6 months to go back to the hospital. Month 7 came and nothing happening so made an appointment with Dr Mocanu in the HARI unit in the Rotunda and hubby had to have semen analysis done a few days before our consultation with Dr Mocanu. I will always remember this day, it was Monday 28th January 2013, I did a pregnancy test and it was positive! We attended Dr Mocanu on the Thursday 31st January and told him our news, an early scan was arranged at 7 weeks and all going well pregnyl shots to be administered from week 7 to week 15 to help ‘hold” the pregnancy and take the pressure off the placenta so that is exactly what we did and the pregnancy did hold, it held out to 40+12 😉

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Photograph courtesy of Angela Martin. http://www.redbootsphotography.com

The pregnancy went well, morning sickness lasted until 16 weeks most likely added to by the pregnyl shots (chorionic gonadotrophin) I was on. Then came week 33 and an eventful day, I met up with my two sisters who were pregnant too for a photo shoot of the three bumps, I took a wee tumble and broke my ankle. I ended up in hospital having surgery by spinal and a titanium plate and screw fix and plaster cast. I was given a wheelchair, walking frames and crutches and paracetamol for pain relief. I was willing my little man to stay in as long as he could so that I could recover as much as I could before he arrived. Rotunda induction policy is 40+10 so I was getting a bit if pressure to come in and be induced as per policy so being a gentlebirth mum I knew to ask the all-important questions of am I ok and is baby ok? I requested a bio physical profile scan at 40+9 and all going well would prefer to wait to 40+14.

Monday 14th October, I got my first niggles and thought great things are happening now and just in time. Tuesday night got lots of surges but they were very irregular but were lasting a minute. Wednesday during the day nothing much a few niggles, Wednesday night lots more surges, getting very excited now. Thursday morning 5am, a bloody show. Yippieeeeee the squeals out of me from the bathroom to poor hubby who was still asleep.

Off into the hospital for my bio physical profile scan and all was good with baby and placenta but baby’s heart rate was a little bit fast so CTG was done and again baby’s heart rate was that little bit faster than it should be so consultant was adamant that I was to be induced the next day at 40+10. Another CTG was done and baby was fine and heart rate was back to “normal” so we got home with a compromise of daily CTG until the Tuesday 40+14 and if nothing happened induction. Thursday night lots more surges, Friday morning eased up, back in for CTG which was perfect.

Saturday morning following another night of lots more surges I went in for CTG and as I was dressing after my shower I thought I felt some fluid being released but wasn’t 100% sure so mentioned it to the midwife doing the CTG, who was so nice and told me if I wasn’t sure she would pretend I hadn’t said anything because that would put me on the clock, the CTG baby’s heart rate was fast again so the midwife took it off me and told me to have a break and get out for some lunch.

I walked, well hobbled, on crutches from the Rotunda to the island in the middle of the road between the Rotunda and Jury’s Hotel and then boy did my waters release! We squelched our way back to the Rotunda had some lunch in the coffee shop and back up for CTG. I told the midwife my waters were definitely released, CTG normal again and we were sent home in the hope that I would be back in again that night for delivery and if not to come in for 9am to be given antibiotics and drip/induction. Went home, lots and lots of steady regular surges, was tempted to wake hubby and head back into the Rotunda at around 4am held off, got up had shower and surges spaced out again.

We headed back into the hospital and straight up to the delivery suite. It was Sunday and the place was empty. We were greeted by our wonderful midwife Anne, who is a mother to 8 children herself and she was amazing and took such great care of us that day. I had vaginal exam which showed that I was fully effaced and 2 cm dilated so I was delighted with that news. We then called our doula and told her that antibiotics were being administered and as soon as they were in the drip would be started.

This was all around 10.30/11am. I stuck on the TENS machine after the antibiotics and off we went with the drip. I was coping brilliantly with TENS and breathing and affirmations, I was examined again around 2pm ish and I was 4 cm dilated, as I was experiencing a lot of pressure that was a tad uncomfortable my hind waters were bulging so Anne asked if I would like her to break them for me, I did and the relief was amazing.

Still on the TENS and breathing and fantastic support from hubby and my doula who both were giving me acupressure, I motored on. I felt a lot of pressure again about an hour later and Anne offered me some gas and air. Now I know some ladies do not like it and it made them sick I have to say I absolutely loved it! An hour after that I was 8cm. Yippee.

I changed positions by getting up on my hands and knees and leaning over the back of the bed to let gravity help with the last 2 cm which was not easy with my ankle but I managed it. Felt something had stalled a bit and lots and lots of pressure I requested another VE to see what was happening because I felt I needed to push but that there seemed to be a blockage. VE revealed that baby was OP and I had an oedema on the cervix causing a ridge preventing further dilation, Anne stated that if baby remained OP that mostly likely delivery would be instrumental and that would I consider an epidural so that if that happened I would have pain relief in place and perhaps it would resolve the oedema on the cervix and baby would turn.

She kindly left the room to allow hubby and me to discuss and make our decision and we agreed. Now I did not realise because of the TENS how good the TENS was working but mother of god when they took off my TENS to administer the epi I was so overwhelmed with surges that I almost lost it a bit. Thankfully affirmations, breathing and a little more gas and air helped. 2 hours after epi another VE showed that oedema resolved, baby had turned and I was fully dilated. Anne said jokingly “right now, it’s 7.30pm my shift is over at 8pm let’s get this baby out ;)” 😉 I started to push with hubby holding my left leg and my doula holding my right leg and 28 mins later even before his feet were fully out of me, my baby boy arrived with a good loud cry and a pile of his poo and politely weed all over everyone, including the paediatrician who were called in due to meconium, weighing 3.75kg or 8lbs 4.5oz at 7.58pm on Sunday 20th October 2013.

It was an amazing experience and I was on such a high despite having a second degree tear. You really do feel like a warrior. Hubby got to have some skin to skin while I was having some stitches done, then I got to feed our little miracle who latched on for over an hour. When we were being bundled up to leave the delivery suite and up to the ward I said to hubby wow that was amazing I want to do it again, to which a very stunned face turned around and tripped over a stool that was behind him. Hee hee.

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