Thank You letter to Teresa and the NMH Community Midwives

During my pregnancy, there was one particular visit where I said to my partner: “That’s who I want at the birth of this baby”. All of the community midwives who visited us for every single antenatal appointment in the comfort of our own home were amazing, but there was something about this midwife that made me feel even more confident and reassured that this home birth would be one of the most wonderful experiences of our lives.

On the day I went into labour and my husband called Holles Street to tell them that I was having regular surges, it seemed like all of the causes and conditions that we needed to make this November birth wonderful were in place: I had a great night’s sleep; the sun was shining; the fire was lit; the music was playing; and Teresa was going to attend the birth. Teresa had been especially supportive of answering any questions that my partner had with regards the normal fears that can come up when planning a home birth. She put his mind at ease completely and he was the most calm and supportive partner I could’ve hoped for during the birth of our second baby.

It was Teresa’s suggestion to take myself off to somewhere private and safe so that I could be at ease while labouring. Within 45 minutes of her gently supporting me in finding a private place to labour, my partner had caught our beautiful baby girl and had gently placed her in my loving arms. I could feel Teresa’s presence throughout the labour and birth and I felt reassured by her skill in being with me, while allowing me to birth intrinsically.

I have always had such profound admiration for the work that the NMH Community Midwives do to support women giving birth, either in hospital or at home. My experience with them only served to deepen my feelings of love and warmth for the woman-and-baby centred approach they unconditionally bring to the birth setting. Teresa’s skill as a midwife was in her ability to let me labour and birth in peace with the confidence of knowing she was there if the baby and I needed her in any way.

Thank you, Teresa, for bringing your profound knowledge of labour and birth into our home and for sharing in one of the most special and life altering experiences we will recount for years to come.


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