Second time mum’s vaginal birth of twins with an epidural

When found out I was pregnant with twins I couldn’t believe it. This was my second pregnancy – no history of twins. I had rung the consultant I went with on my first child’s birth 6 years previously to book in but when we discovered I was pregnant with twins he was not overly supportive of a natural birth. We had recently moved and I decided to look into the regional hospital just up the road.

I booked in as a public patient in the regional hospital – I was told I would be given every opportunity to have a natural birth – so long as baby one was in a good position and we were all doing well. The pregnancy was surprisingly good – I was expecting it to be tough but it wasn’t at all.

Around 36 weeks I began developing some minor complications. My blood pressure was going up and I had protein in the urine. I went in for monitoring but the pregnancy was allowed to continue so long as I went for monitoring/BP check regularly. Which I was happy to do.

At 37 weeks and 1 day my waters broke at lunchtime. I rang the hospital and went in. Baby one was head down – baby two was breech but I was told that they often rotate into a head down position once the first baby was born. My contractions started and we were very excited, if not slightly apprehensive.

Things went very quick! From waters breaking to 6cm was about 2 hours. I decided to have the epidural at this point – I was coping ok with the labour but I was feeling quite nervous about pushing two babies out. At 4pm I was examined and found to be 9cm! Half an hour later I was 10cm and the midwife sat down with us to discuss the pushing phase and our options should twin two not turn the proper way down. I really wanted to avoid a section… with a child at home and soon to be a mum of twins it would be very hard. We did discuss the fact that some breech positions would not be recommended for natural birth and also that it depended on the second baby’s condition. They were so good. Very reassuring, comforting and supportive!

At around 5pm I started pushing our first baby out and after only 12 minutes she was born. I got a lull in the contractions and then they started up again. The consultant was very happy with baby 2’s position and my second baby girl was born 26 minutes after her big sister!

Both girls had to spend time in the special baby care unit sadly. Those were tough days. Our second born daughter – the smallest – came home after 4 days but her sister had to stay an additional week after that. Those were tough times….

Except for having to go home without our babies it was a really great pregnancy and birth. I was so pleased I was able to have a natural birth even if it was with the epidural. The recovery was really quick for me and I felt great after. The staff were AMAZING. I was so pleased that I was consulted on every thing and at every step.

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