First time mum’s natural birth in the Rotunda

It was my wedding anniversary and we’d been spending the past few weeks mad busy doing a lot of painting in our new house. We had 2 weeks to go til my due date so we were both fairly relaxed as we’d heard first babies are usually overdue. So that day we took off and had a lovely big meal with his family and then more pasta later on…I had a big appetite all of a sudden. Just as well really as my waters broke at around 10pm that night. I rang the Rotunda who said just to head in as a precaution to see if waters clear and check me. I was letting out so much waters my tracksuit was soaked so I don’t think there was any doubt about the fact that it was really my waters breaking!

All was well on a trace and waters were clear so they said to head home and be back if labour didn’t start on its own.

So by the time we got home I was fairly excited and couldn’t sleep so I stayed up watching Keeping up with the Kardashians…I told my parents who were very excited for us. At that stage I did start getting mild period like pains but wasn’t sure if it was the real thing.

And suddenly she was here in my arms. Her big red lips and fair hair. She was beautiful. It was an intense rush of love. And such feelings of amazement that I had done this! And we were all ok. Oh wow the joy of that moment.

I eventually headed to bed around 2am. At around 5am I woke up with stronger pains but didn’t wake my husband till around 9am. I told him not to go out and to stay with me. I had a very strong sense that I needed him now. The pains were regular but around 10 mins apart still. I would lean over and just breathe through them. My husband would rub my lower back and I walked around a lot and used exercise ball too. I took a shower and that really helped ease the contractions. At around 12 I rang hospital, the midwife suggested I’d be a long time yet as I was a first time mum. I suddenly felt very sick and quite nervous now as I felt pains were very strong. We decided to head to Rotunda. I really felt I needed my husband so my Dad offered to drive us in and my husband sat in the back with me. I was in fairly weird positions on the way over with my bum in the air and my head in his lap…I think my Dad was a bit mortified and freaking with the moans I was making.

When we got to Rotunda we were rushed straight through to triage area. My face said it all I think!

I was examined and told I was 4-5cm…I was delighted. It was tough lying down for the time it took to check the baby and contractions.

I really felt quite out of it and the contractions were every 3-4 minutes now. We were then brought up to the delivery suite. I barely registered the midwife. I had my birth plan in my file and I saw her reading it. She set me up on gas and air which I found wonderful. It was a great distraction and helped me focus on my breathing. I think this was around 3.30pm. She examined me and said I was nearly at 10 but there was a small bit of cervix left to dilate. My husband was great at this point just reassuring me that I was doing brilliant and rubbing my back etc. At 4pm she said it sounded like I was ready to push. This is where I found it tricky…I just didn’t get the urge to push. Eventually I think my contractions came back and I was doing it…pushing my baby out. I remember this part so well. It was so intense. I felt the baby crowning and that “ring of fire” they all talk about. And suddenly she was here in my arms. Her big red lips and fair hair. She was beautiful. It was an intense rush of love. And such feelings of amazement that I had done this! And we were all ok. Oh wow the joy of that moment.

I had a wonderful midwife Jean and an assistant who was on her 40th birth. Both were so supportive and gave me wonderful encouragement in having my natural birth. My daughter latched on after a few minutes on my chest and stayed there for the next hour or so. 7lb 13oz.

All birth stories and images featured in 42 weeks have been generously shared by members of the public in Ireland. If you would like to take part and share your story, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch through the website, through Facebook at or follow us on Twitter at @42_weeks.


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