A second time mother’s home birth

I was due on 27 December 2012 and waited for my so much wanted home birth. On my due date everybody was asking if anything started and really annoyed as it was putting more pressure on me and reminded me of 14 days countdown. I had absolutely no signs of upcoming labour. I started losing any hope for home birth with days passing. On 3 days overdue I woke up full of energy and ridden with period cramps but irregular. They were gone by night time. Next day passed really quietly, no cramps, no energy.

At 1.01 period cramps woke me up and they felt different but I didn’t get excited just yet. After an hour I realised they are pretty regular but far apart. I started measuring them. At around 11 I contacted my midwife to tell her about them and she told me to let her know when they are at least 30-40 seconds long. Around 1pm they were 30-40 seconds long but wanted to make sure that they really are. After not even an hour cramps were getting shorter and further apart until they were almost gone. How disappointed I was!

I decided to jump into bed to get some sleep in case labour would start off again later. It was before 3 pm. I woke up bursting at around 4 and went to toilet and I couldn’t pee. I suddenly felt this weird sensation and a gush of water. My first thought was ‘my baby moved away from the bladder…’ but decided to go back to the bedroom and sit on the bed for a while. After a few minutes I felt water flowing down my legs! I was trying to catch it in mattress cover to keep the carpet dry! When it stopped I called my husband from downstairs that my waters broke and I’m calling Anita. So I did and she told to take a shower.

I texted my Mam who went for a walk and jumped into the shower. It was the nicest shower I have ever had. Contractions started almost immediately under warm shower. Water was still coming out every so often. After the shower I went downstairs, took my head phones but I really wanted to know what’s going on around me. We put towels on the floor as water was still gushing with every contraction. My hubby was hugging me every time I had a contraction. My daughter was playing with her toys. Day as usual 🙂

My Mam was basically running home cause she didn’t realise she went that far away! I don’t know what time it was when Anita arrived but i was still standing and chatting and pottering around between my contractions. Until out of nowhere I kneeled on the floor and leaned on the couch. And I was gone to another world, totally zoned out… Every so often I was just saying ‘water’ or ‘hand’. I had no idea what was going on around me or how much time passed,I just surrendered and let my body and mind lead each other and it felt great! Moaning and groaning…

I have no idea when Tracy arrived. I just heard her voice at one stage surprised I missed her arrival! After an unknown (to me) amount of time my hips were getting so sore I wanted to lie down and I lay down on the floor on my side continuing my journey through birthing. I tried leaning on the ball but that was not what I wanted and lying on the side was perfect. Anita or Tracy were pressing my hips and it was giving me great relief. I started getting back to real world. Transition was close to over and of course I started to think I’m not gonna make it! I cannot take it any longer! Then a contraction started and I was doing it again squeezing the life out of my husband’s arm. Everybody was saying how well I was doing and that definitely gave me strength and confidence.

I was trying to rest and completely relax smiling with my eyes closed between surges that were getting stronger and I could feel the baby coming. What a beautiful feeling it was when her head popped out! The pressure was unreal though! My Mam and my daughter were called and they saw the baby’s emerging. It was 19:40… I could not believe I made it without a scratch or tear (I had episiotomy at my first birth) and that we were lying with her on the floor! She latched on perfectly and almost instantly. The cord was left pulsating for a few minutes (don’t know even how long, time didn’t exist for me). My hubby cut it. I had to get the injection for the placenta to be delivered as we were waiting for an hour to no avail.

Dean took the baby and I got toast and tea after which Anita helped me to take a shower and put me and baba to bed for skin-to-skin.We stayed like this for almost 2 hours before dressing Sylwia and preparing for our first night together… I had a TENS machine which I also never used and completely forgot I could have used gas and air! It was amazing experience and I wish every mam-to-be to have such a fantastic birth and live through every moment of it.

All birth stories and images featured in 42 weeks have been generously shared by members of the public in Ireland. If you would like to take part and share your story, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch through the website http://www.42weeks.ie, through Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/42weeks or follow us on Twitter at @42_weeks.


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