Participate in the MAMMI Study

The MAMMI Study is a study looking at the health and health problems of women during pregnancy and during the first year after the birth of their first baby.

Many women experience motherhood in excellent physical health and enjoy the emotional fulfillment that it brings. Other mothers experience health problems, sometimes caused by pregnancy or an event that happens during or after the baby’s birth.

The study is being done because the lack of information on the health of women after the baby’s birth prevents us from understanding what causes some of these problems for women in Ireland. The information that women provide by completing this survey will help fill in some of the gaps in the current knowledge about women’s health after childbirth

Who can take part?
If you are booked for care in the Rotunda hospital and having your first baby, you are invited to take part in the MAMMI Study (even if you have had a miscarriage or abortion in the past). To take part in the study, women must be aged 18 years and over and should be able to read and understand English

More information:

The Mammi Study 42 weeks campaign blog AIMS Ireland


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