Research Participation: ‘An Exploration into the unmet demand for home birth in Ireland’.

Eileen Kenny a third year midwifery student in TCD has won a Health Research Board summer student project award. She has devised a questionnaire for women who wanted, but were unable to get, a home birth. It is a thirty question online survey asking where when and why women have been unable to access a planned home birth. Eileen and her supervisor and co researcher would be delighted if any woman who has experienced this to participate by completing an online survey. It is aimed at women who delivered in the past five years – or who are still expecting.

The URL for the questionnaire is

As there is no HSE list of women who haven’t been able to get a home birth, they have no idea how big a problem this is but it also means we have no means of contacting these women except by word of mouth. It would be a great help if you know of anyone to pass on this survey to them.

Thanks so much for your help.

Eileen Kenny (principal researcher)
Colm OBoyle (supervisor)


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