Birth Story for Cormac Sean Boch Owens from his Dad

blogpost birthstory of cormac sean botch owens by his dad AIMS Ireland 42 weeks campaign

Proud Dad with mum and baby Cormac

As I write this birth story at ten minutes past midday on May the 16th 2013 I have to remind myself that I have yet to complete Lorcan’s birth story. However as I have a few quiet moments and Cormac is less than twelve hours old I shall write this story while the memories are very fresh. Apologies to Lorcan for not completing his birth story by now, it has been started but needs finishing, that will come soon.

A few notes on the world outside on this day. Ireland as an economy is slowly dragging itself back to economic sovereignty after the recession/crash of 2008 where we were bailed out by the IMF and Europe. Earlier this week saw the first real strike since the 2008 crash by the bus drivers, we are a very tolerant race of people to hold back protesting for so long. The strike lasted two days before the labour court intervened to get all parties to sit down and talk. It has been a long five years since then, we are tired but determined to stand tall once again. Michael D Higgins is our president, Enda Kenny of FG our Taoiseach, Barrack Obama is US president and former British PM Margaret Thatcher passed away recently. Leinster Rugby, after winning three Heineken cups in the last four years, tomorrow night try to win the Amlin Cup in the RDS followed by a fourth league final in a row against Ulster also in the RDS, the great Joe Schmidt is the head coach and has just been appointed Ireland head coach, best of luck to him. The weather is overcast and slightly cold for this time of year but everything looks green and luscious.

As I was texting your mother Anna yesterday about how fantastic she looked in her wedding dress in 2006 she replied back by telling me she was having a few twinges. I took it on board and concluded that the 3-4 day birth process had begun. I was down at Easthill working on the small farm, preparing beds in the polytunnel for planting tomatoes. Your Grandad Sean was also helping me to get the polytunnel fixed up as the doors on either end were yet to be completed.

When I returned home at 5.30  your Mama had already picked up Aoife and Lorcan from crèche and was heading out to get Ben and Zoe as they were over for dinner while Chris and Kirsten were out for a once a month night off.  Your Mama was doing well with regular Braxton Hick twinges, nothing significant to call the midwife yet.

blogpost birth story of cormac sean boch owens by his dad AIMS Ireland 42 weeks campaign www.42weeks.ieThe Bailey-Parkers had gone by 8.30, Aoife and Lorcan were in bed by 9ish with the usual delaying tactics of snack time, story time and brushing teeth time, all normal of course. Anna’s twinges were moving along nicely and so as we were both pretty tired we sat in bed and watched an episode of the West Wing. By 11pm Anna decided to call Philomena our midwife again to let her know that things were moving along and to be on alert. We both tried to get some sleep as we felt there was a lot of work to be done over the next few days. However, young Cormac, you had other plans and the intensity of the twinges started to increase as we approached midnight. I had most things in place at this stage for the birth process, the only thing I was holding back on was filling the birth pool where you and Lorcan were born.

By 12.30 Anna was struggling with the pain and let me know she needed help, the TENS machine she had attached wasn’t giving enough relief.  We had done a course on acupressure a few weeks beforehand so that was my time to kick into action and add some extra support to your mother. We were both very tired already as being a perent, running a home, going out to work and all the other stuff the world throws at you leaves you exhausted at the end of each day. Now we were doing our best to draw up energy to stay positive and focused on getting Cormac out safe and sound.

By 1.30am Anna was moving fast and soon enough we called Philomena for her assistance. I got the water going in the birth pool, forgot to put in the disposable insert and had to transfer one third of the water out of the pool so I could put the insert in, woops.

Philomena obviously got the vibe on the phone that Anna was moving fast as she got to us rapidly. She was called just before 2am, got here at ten past and you were born at 2.20 am! The birth pool wasn’t quite ready when she got here but we got it sorted quickly enough for Anna to get in and we were amazed at how quickly you were born, fantastic. Anna was brilliant she was in a lot of pain but the acupressure helped and sheer determination with a small bit of help from myself and Philomena did the job. Out you popped into the birth pool and Philomena had you into your mama’s arms in seconds. Amazing how well it went, thankfully.

We were so happy, you were in great shape and healthy, Anna and Philomena checked you out, kept you warm while I looked everywhere for the feckin’ camera. I eventually found it under the bed but didn’t miss too much. I cut your umbilical cord about 20 mins after your birth and so you were now working under your own power and a powerful little fella you proved to be! We stood back and admired you, Philomena monitored you closely, Anna held you and fed you. I pottered around cleaning up the place, warming your first set of clothes up, made tea and brought carrot cake that Sorcha O’ Driscoll had made the day before, it was greatly appreciated by all. Lorcan and Aoife slept in their room the whole time while your birth happened and were delighted to see you a few hours later when they woke up. They were a bit confused what had happened but figured it out quick enough and both gave you gentle hugs and kisses. Philomena left us for a while at 5 am, after a job well done and we set about looking after you and getting some sleep. We slept from 5.45 to 7 am, woke up and told the world about you!

Welcome Cormac, we love you, Daddy.

blogpost birth story of cormac sean boch owens by his dad AIMS Ireland 42 weeks campaign


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