Thank You Letter to the Holles Street community midwives

I have found it very hard to put into words the gratitude and love that I feel for the midwife who took care of us the day my son was born.

She was the midwife I needed – and my husband needed – that day. We had both taken an instant fondness to her on our first antenatal appointment with her and we were delighted that she was the midwife on call when I went into labour.

She was relaxed and calm. A presence of quiet strength and support in the background and then a soothing voice of reassurance when I felt things were getting too much. She knew just when to talk me back down.

I will never forget the incredible feeling of the lovely warm water she poured on my lower back during contractions while my husband pressed his forehead to mine and breathed through them with me.

I loved her when she told me that my baby would be here with just one more push. For a fleeting second I thought that she might be adopting the aerobics instructor bluff of “just 5 more” before making you do another 5 but she was true to her word!

I cried the night before my last postnatal visit with the community midwives on day 7 because I just couldn’t imagine not having their care and support in my life and I was delighted when it was Theresa who arrived at our door for that last day. She knew I was nervous and reassured me that I was doing great, that we would be fine without them and they were just a phone call away.

Theresa, and all of the wonderful Holles Street community midwives who took care of us during my pregnancy, birth and postnatal care, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You gave us a birth experience that changed my life and that we will hold dear for the rest of our lives.



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